Sunday, February 14, 2010


You may wonder what happened to Shakira? It was like this: I was driving, she was toying with my yo-yo. We were kind of discussing David Cronenberg aesthetics, don't ask me why.

(The picture is ilustrative and not directly related to David or any of us).

Right in the moment when I was all set to see the inside of my eye sockets there came a loud bang. A pickup van full of Columbian snow didn't quite make the curve. Shakira was gone. Gone was also dr. Razhd's car but who gives a fart about that. Shakira was extinguished, just like that. It should be the other way around! I screamed Oh God, take me, not her! but the good White Lord was already trucking it's acquisition into the sunset.

I kept on screaming. Then Valerie Solanas sped by and hissed YOU stay here, WE go up! Nice. I was left behind like a green Iowa potato. That hurt. Still does. Now I cruise up&down one and only highway in this forsaken place and all I'm left with is a pair of lousy tits.

Lest we forget Chekira.

Yes, I know it's confusing.

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